Agrometer Long-shafted slurrypumps

Agrometer langakslet gyllepumpe

Saving and more efficient

You save money and become more efficient with an Agrometer long-shafted slurry pump. 

The pump has a long service life because it is fully hot dip galvanized. This corrosion resistant surfacing only requires very little maintenance, saving you both time and money. Your work becomes more efficient due to the pumps high performance, and with the extensive accessories programme you get an optimum solution which minimizes your time consumption when starting up and changing operation.

All pumps have the gear/ engine coupled directly to the pump shaft. This ensures maximum power transfer to the impeller and also reduces your maintenance costs. Pump housing, pump pipe and shaft pipe are hot dip galvanized. Oil bathed support bearings on the pump shaft and greased bottom bearings are also standard. 

Agrometer long-shafted pumps are available as both electrical pumps (AEP) from 15-30hp, or as pto pumps (ATP) for 540 or 1,000 rpm.


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