AGM Slurry pumps

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Slurry Pumps for All Jobs

At Agrometer you will find various types of slurry pumps, which will solve any pumping job you may have.

Agrometer Lineshaft Slurry Pump

With an Agrometer lineshaft slurry pump you both save money and become more efficient. Being completely hot-dip galvanized, the slurry pump has a very long service life. At the same time you also save money on daily maintenance, because the corrosion-resistant surface requires only a minimum of reconditioning.

The Agrometer lineshaft slurry pump is available both for electrical or PTO-operation, including a special high-pressure version, with a pump discharge pressure of 4.5 bar.


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Doda High Pressure Slurry Pump

A mobile slurry pump, suitable when you require long-distance slurry pumping - even several hundred meters - and don't want to compromise on quality or performance.

The high performance is guaranteed by feeding the slurry pump with a submerged turbo filler (or existing slurry pump). An uncompromised material selection gives you a pump with a long service life.


AGM Submerged Grinder Slurry Pump

The AGM submerged slurry pump efficiently grinds fodder remains and straws in your slurry. The AGM submerged grinder pump is a robust slurry pump, which pumps liquids with a dry matter content of 12%.

The AGM submerged grinder slurry pump can be mounted both horisontically and vertically.


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