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Agrometer XLE 125

Irrigation machines that you can trust

The Agrometer self-propelled irrigation machine has been marketed for almost 40 years, and is available in four main versions.

All models are characterized by a sturdy construction with focus on reliability and user friendliness.

Setup and startup of irrigation is done quick and easily, because all operation handles are  conveniently placed on the same side of the machine. The compact design and special hoist mechanism also makes the in-field manouvering much easier.


  • KSE
  • MSE
  • MSE+
  • XLE

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With Programregn you have complete control of the irrigation process, ensuring you apply exactly the desired amount of precipitation. Pre- and post-irrigation are available as well as different speed settings in up 4 zones. Programregn also monitors the machine, and terminates operation in case of a mechanical failure which causes the machine not to move.
On the display you can always see the current speed; meters of hose uncoiled and expected time for completed irrigation. A delayed start can be selected, and Programregn can also be fitted with a modem which enables remote operation through SMS codes.
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Agrometer XLE Ø125

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Stable and reliable

Agrometer self-propelled irrigation machines are fitted with dependable and well-working slow-reverse guns which has proven their reliability through many years of use, and which also gives you an even and gentle precipitation.

All machines with ø100 and ø110mm hose are fitted with a Konkord Vario rain gun, which comes with 6 nozzles from 20-30mm. The gun has a variable, step less setting of the discharge angle from 15-27º which makes it easy to take precautions when irrigating in strong wind.

Machines with ø125mm hose come with a Komet Twin 202 PRO rain gun with a 30 and 32.5mm nozzle and a fixed 24º discharge angle. Against surcharge the gun can be updated to have a variable discharge angle from 16-28º.

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One of the biggest self-propelled irrigation machines with PE-hose. It gives you completely new options when planning your irrigation scheme.

XLE comes with either ø110 or ø125mm hose, with lengths of up to 900 respectively 800m!

The machines have a sturdy rear axle assembly and forced steering of the front wheels. This means less tension in the machine and a more steady driving when laying out the hose.

Agrometer vanding MSE+


*NEW 2021*

The MSE+ is an enhancement of the MSE series with a focus on quality and capacity. This means that the machine is equipped with a heavy-duty rear axle assembly with differential and hydraulic steering, and is available with hose lengths up to 700 meter (ø110 mm).
The trackwidth is 2100 mm and the MSE+ has the same turbine as the other Agrometer self-propelled irrigation machines.



Same good machine - but a little extra hose

The MSE is the bigger brother of the well-known KSE, it just comes with longer hoses.

A reliable machine for more than 20 years. Made with the same compact design and special drawbar as the KSE model.

MSE has an adjustable wheel gauge of 1650-1750mm.




The Agrometer KSE is one of the most well-known irrigation machines in Denmark, having operated in the fields for more than 30 years.

A compact design and the special drawbar makes it easy to maneuver the machine in the field.

KSE has fixed wheel gauge of 1550mm.

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