AGM Hose Reel


Easy and Gentle Handling of the Supply Hoses

The AGM hose reel is the fast and easy way to handle all the supply hoses between the pump unit and the spreader.

Unloading and coiling of the hoses is done hydraulically when driving the tractor.

You don’t need to drag the hoses across the field and thus extend the service life.

The hose reel is not divided into sections. This means you save time because you can coil up all the hose without uncoupling the separate strips.

The hose reel can be mounted at either end of the tractor, meaning you can carry up to 2000m of hose with one tractor.

Agrometer Slangevogn

Technical specifications

  • Hose capacity 5 x 200 m 6” / 8 x 100 m 6” (Including couplings)
  • Weight: 2580 kg.
  • Standard Driving lights included
  • Hydraulic operation/Double-acting outlet
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