Agrometer History

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Quality since 1977

Agrometer offers you state-of-the-art pumps and applications for irrigation, clean water, slurry and all kinds of waste water.

Agrometer was founded in 1977, and since then we have aimed to develop solutions that will put you in front. When you select Agrometer as one of your business partners, you will be met by highly motivated and experienced people.

Agrometer is a world-wide supplier for a lot of different business areas such as agricultural-, municipal-, manufacturing- and marine industries. If you want solutions that are developed with focus on care and performance, then Agrometer is the choice for you.

We are located in Grindsted, Denmark, on a 27,000 m2 site with production, stock, sales and administration, and employ 55 people

Agometer has a subsidiary company in Rødding, Denmark. Dansk Smede- & Maskinteknik is a supplier of a wide range of steel products.

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