НАША Экологическая политика

Улучшение состояния окружающей среды в будущем

Agrometer is actively working with a forward-looking environmental policy. It concerns the company's own and our suppliers ability to, and motivation for, continuously to minimize the overall environmental impact.




  • It is our aim to work for and maintain a better environmental impact from Agrometer and our suppliers.
  • As a minimum, Agrometer will comply with all present laws, declarations and other relevant regulations, hereby the standards set out in ISO 14011.
  • Internally Agrometer will strive to reduce the use of resources, including electricity, water and heat, and improve the recycling of paper, cardboard and plastics.
  • Upon delivery of goods and and services to our customers, we aim to optimize transportation and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Agrometer encourages all our suppliers of goods and services to comply with all present laws and regulations in their home country.
  • Agrometer encourages all our suppliers to have an environmental policy and/or environmental management.
  • Agrometer strives to ensure that all our supplied products can be recycled for new products, reducing the amount of deposit waste.
  • Specific goals are set out in order to target development and improvement of Agrometer's services, impacts and systems.
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