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Spare Parts and Support Outside Office Hours

Spare Parts and Technical Support Outside Office Hours

Spare parts pick-up and technical support outside regular office hours can be obtained by contacting on-duty staff.

Available between 06:00-22:00 hours CET only.


Spare Parts Pick-up

Call +45 7672 1300 - press 1 (only possible in weekends and public holidays)

Spare parts orders outside office hours will be charged with a €70 handling fee.

Only available for pick-up at Agrometer, shipping of orders can only be done during regular office hours.


Technical Support

Call +45 7672 1300 - press 2

Technical phone support outside working hours costs €70 each case

Call-out of field technician outside working hours is charged with an initial fee of €70 on weekdays and €135 in the weekend and public holidays (in addition to time rate).

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