SRS1200 Umbilical Slurry Injector

Slurry Injection the Clever Way

Permanent field operation

Using the SRS 1200 means that slurry is injected during the entire working process. An Agrometer pump unit is continuously supplying the injector with slurry through pipes and hoses, allowing the injector to stay in the field all the time.

Prolonged distribution season and low tractor power requirements

The low weight makes it possible to operate on quite soggy land, this will allow for the distribution season to start weeks earlier with an SRS 1200 than with a slurry tanker. 

Under normal circumstances a tractor with around 145hp is sufficient to ensure trouble-free operation.

Quick transportation to new workplace

No need to stop as the SRS can be transported with a filled hose due to a block valve, this helps to save time and manpower.

Return driving without trouble

Agrometer’s patented hose guide arm makes it possible to drive the SRS like any other implement. At the end of the field you turn just by turning on the wheel, and the guide arm automatically ensures that the hose is coiled correctly on the drum.

Suitable for both black soil and grassland injectors

The SRS 1200 can operate with arable land injectors and grassland injectors. Agrometer’s SN 800 arable land injector is available with a working width of 8m and the GN 1200 grassland injector is available in a 12m version.

Large operating area

In just one working setup, the SRS 1200 can cover an area of more than 50 hectares

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DJI 0803.MOV.00 00 24 11.Still001

Spar tid og arbejdskraft

Styrearmen sørger for at fødeslangen automatisk rulles korrekt op på tromlen.

Du kan hurtigt flytte SRS maskinen til et nyt arbejdssted. Megen tid og arbejdskraft spares nemlig fordi maskinen er forsynet med en effektiv afblændeventil, som betyder at maskinen flyttes med fyldt slange.

Du kan bruge både sortjords- og græsnedfældere sammen med SRS systemet. 

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