SRS1500 Umbilical Slurry Injector

Plenty of Power For Large Equipment

The SRS 1500 is a brand new umbilical slurry reel which gives you even better options for slurry injection. The SRS 1500 has a sturdy construction and is equipped with bogieb axles, which makes it possible to use heavy equipment.

It also comes with electro-hydraulic hose coiling like the SDS 8000. This improves the coiling and gives a much more smooth operation.

A new touchscreen with a diagnosis tool makes it both quicker and easier to identify and solve problems, giving you a much more efficient slurry spreading.

The SRS 1500 has a 300mm deployment on the front axle and forced motion of the rear axle. The unit is prepared for mounting of front container on the tractor, leakage control and tyre pressure regulation.



Maintain Full Capacity With Front Tank Container

When you use a front tank container the pump unit doesn’t need to switch to circulation mode when you turn in the headland, and you can maintain full pressure during the whole operation.

When you raise the injector from the ground, the pump unit will maintain its operation pressure. But the slurry will be diverted to the front tank container instead of the injector.

When you lower the injector again, the slurry in the tank container will be injected so that it is emptied and becomes ready for the next turn. The front tank container has a capacity of 3,000 litres and is equipped with a hydraulic operated AGM lobe rotor pump.

It comes will all necessary working and traffic lights, gate valves, connectors and integrated controller.

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