SN 800 Arable Land Slurry Injector

SN800 6

Sturdy 8m Arable Land Slurry Injector

SN800 offers you a first class cultivation of the soil, and the slurry is continuously injected 10-15 cm into the ground using wide chisels and strong springs.

The significant clearance of 70 cm and row spacing of 90 cm, ensures easy flow of residue and prevents clogging between the tines.

SN 800 is available either with a ddd or a rolling packer or a spring tooth harrow.

SN800 is a Danish quality product for the professional user who values both great results in the field and a long service life.

SN800 works excellently with the Agrometer SRS 12 umbilical reel system, and provides results which can not be matched by any other product on the market.

SN800 rulleskær

Now With rollerdisc

Efficient Covering - Also at Low Speed

The roller discs for the SN800 injector are designed and angled so they provide an efficient covering of the slurry, also at a very low speed. This helps to reduce the evaporation of ammonia to an absolute minimum.

The 510mm discs are fitted with wear-resistant bearings and has a working depth from 3-12cm.

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